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The new millennium sun is rising brightly on the horizon, yet the people’s life all over the globe is sinking in the sea of despair & agony. Today’s way of fast life styles brought more stress, depression and many unexplained ailments to mankind. Modern medical science with its tremendous advances is unable to answer the uncured. Yet Dr. Iqbal Clinic with its long years of existence, enlargement & experience has come up with wonderful formulations to give permanent solutions. Impotency is the inability to perform the sexual act. In other words impotency or erectile dysfunction is thecondition in which the male organ does not have the proper erection to havea satisfying sexual act (intercourse).

The person loses his retention power or gets discharged without any satisfaction for him or his partner. Sometimes the penis loses the capacity of erection. It may be partial or complete, temporary or permanent. All most all men sometime or other experience erectile dysfunction. Even people with normal sexual appetite can psychologically turn themselves off with overwhelming problems. And lack of desire can strike anyone at any time and can be caused by just anything.

In a society with an orthodoxical mindset that is obsessed with sexual fitness, any inability to perform sexual acts induces feelings of despair, frustration, guilt and shame. These men labeled as impotent and are looked down as weak, powerless, lesser human beings.

Causes of impotency: Very often, a perfectly fertile man may not be able to ejaculate. Since he can’t make love properly, he can’t make babies some men can’t even have an erection (impotence) and some cannot achieve an erection sufficient for intravaginal penetration or ejaculation in the vagina. An older theory held that 80% of impotency problems, which are very common, were rooted in psychological inhibition & fears which could respond to sex therapy & counseling. However, modern research has lowered this figure & estimates that up to 50% are due to physical causes ranging from inadequate blood flow to the penis, diabetes, neuralgic defects & hormonal problems. Further recent clinical studies show that up to 80% of erectile dysfunction cases are due to physical reasons.

Occupational hazards: -certain occupational hazards affect fertility by upsetting the hormonal balance, thereby suppressing sperm production, and resulting impotence. Working in places of excessive heat and with dangerous chemicals that have an adverse impact on sexual functions & fertility which include heavy metals, like lead, nickel & mercury; insecticides; petrochemicals; pesticides; benzene; xylene; anesthetic gases & X-rays. Medicines, which are taken to cure certain ailments, tend to cause impotence or sexual dysfunction. Certain medicine may cause decrease in sperm count, abnormal liver functions, liver malignancy etc.

Regular use of sleeping pills, tranquilizer, anti-depressants leads to impotency Our cure is a course of treatment consists of rare Bhasmas, Rasayans golden Bhasmas, silver Bhasmas,pearl & ancient Herbo-mineral combinations. It was proven effective in India & abroad in innumerable cases, resulting in complete return to normalcy. Once strong erections restored, they are almost, always long termed and there is no negative side effects.

These courses of treatments for erectile dysfunction are tailor made for each person, depending on their individual requirements under the personal supervision of Dr. Iqbal Clinic. Special care is taken in selecting the ingredients and the ancient herbs are obtained from their natural growth pads and environment. The Bhasmas are treated with maximum care.

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